You Are Not, Therefore I Am

Quite like teenagers determine social hierarchy in middle school, we gather in opinionated cliques that exclude others based on what they put online. Pesky game requests, melodramatic oversharing, political debates, and violent verbal brawls seem to inevitably divide our online personas.

“I think in order to truly enjoy my human experience, I need a balance of light and dark, perfection and flaw, easy and tortuously hard. Well fed and starving, luxury and poverty, beauty and deplorable ugliness.”

“There are so many factors that contribute to anything relating to mental illness, poverty, homelessness, and drug abuse. That’s not to mention that those factors play off one another mercilessly. To assume that one wouldn’t make the same decision in another’s shoes isn’t really logical. Its possible you wouldn’t, but its statistically likely that you […]

What is MY Love?

It is Unconditional. This does NOT mean that I will remain in a relationship in the face of unhappiness or harm, contrary to popular grasp of the term. My love is unconditional in that even upon separation in the better interest of one or both parties, a love that has been, always will be. My […]